Everything Elderberry: How to Forage, Cultivate, and Cook with an Amazing Natural Remedy

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photo of cover of my book, Everything Elderberry (Skyhorse Publishing, 2020)

A natural remedy everyone can enjoy

Elderberries are not only rich in health-supporting compounds, they're utterly delicious!

Everything Elderberry shares the latest research on elderberry's medicinal properties, foraging and growing information, and more than 60 recipes for making the most of your elderberries and elderflowers.

Whether or not you've used natural remedies before, Everything Elderberry will show you how best to make use of this versatile medicinal plant.

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Using Elderberries & Elderflowers

Everything Elderberry will teach you how to make simple medicinal preparations, from elderberry syrups and teas to easy tinctures and herbal salves. Learn how to make delicious treats, like elderflower zucchini muffins, elderberry tarts, and elderberry popsicles, as well as cocktails, wine, and sodas.

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Medicinal uses of elderberry & elderflower, plus treats, beverages & more

Recipes include:
  • Elderflower-Infused Vinegar
  • Ultra Elderberry Syrup
  • Elderflower Tincture
  • Elderberry Oxymel
  • Peppermint Elderberry Cough Drops
  • Elderflower Sorbet
  • Immune-Boosting Triple Berry Smoothie
  • Elderberry Raspberry Baked Oatmeal
  • Elderberry Gummies
  • Elderflower Flan
  • Rhubarb Elderberry Cooler
  • Elderflower Sangria
plus dozens more delicious ways to enjoy these potent flowers and berries!

An approachable guide to using elderberries safely and effectively, plus tips and tricks for growing your own.

Find out what top researchers, herbalists, and growers recommend. Detailed tips for foraging, growing, and preserving elderberries and elderflowers.

how to fight a cold

How to use elder for skin care & in the garden

Learn how to make soothing salves from elderflowers and leaves, plus how to use elder in edible landscaping or to deter pests.

Everything Elderberry couldn't have come at a better time. It is full of well-researched information about growing, harvesting, and using elderberries and elderflowers in the kitchen and in the home apothecary. It goes deeper than simple elderberry cough syrup, with creative desserts, from pies to candy and fruit leather.  There are apothecary staples too, like immune-boosting elderberry tincture, elderflower lip balm, and elder leaf salve. This book is a collection of elder wisdom that draws on experts in the fields for herbalism, homesteading, and gardening. 

With health threats affecting every country in the world, every garden should have an elder to watch over it. Thanks, Susannah, for making this beneficial plant more accessible through your book.
Christine Dalziel, author of The Beeswax Workshop.

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Everything Elderberry is incredibly well researched and thorough, packed with everything you could possibly want to know about elderberries.  You won’t find a more authoritative book on the subject, and the recipes at the end are especially scrumptious.
Ashley Adamant, Practical Self Reliance 

Everything Elderberry truly lives up to its name! This book is your one-stop guide to sourcing and using elderberries, flowers, and leaves. Highly recommended!

–Jan Berry, The Nerdy Farm Wife

Elderberries have become wildly popular, and Everything Elderberry provides you with over sixty creative recipes for flowers, berries, and leaves. From peppermint elderberry cough drops, to elderflower sangria, to elderberry leaf salve, this book is a treasure trove of all things elderberry.

Laurie Neverman, Creator, Common Sense Home

photo of cover of my book, Everything Elderberry (Skyhorse Publishing, 2020)

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